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College Towns Show an Opportunity for Investment Stability

The recent RevPar stats for 10 college towns show that investing money through new acquisitions or redevelopment of existing acquisitions in towns like these that made the list seems a smart play in today's economic climate. With Athens, GA being a local market we know and love here at Hotel AG, we have to agree that markets with the constant traffic, turnover, and transient activity that college towns provide allow today's investors to seize stable market share with a huge upside potential. While the list RevPar provided is a small snapshot of a very large market, the raw data collected shows that college towns like these are safer opportunities from a risk vantage point. Pushing investment dollars into these markets may not be the risk-reward opportunity that some of the larger, more aggressive groups jump on; on the contrary, the owner-operator, mid-level capital, and owner-management type of entities should really consider identifying markets that fit these parameters, and reaching out to firms like ours to see what listings are available for purchase. If you have any questions about whether or not we have publicly advertised or privately listed deals in college towns, please do not hesitate to give one of our brokers a call at (770) 692-1605. Tracy will be happy to direct you to a broker who works in the cities you have identified.  published: 04-12-2012

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