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Hotel AG Launches Hotel AG Charities

ATLANTA – February 12, 2016 - Since its inception, Hotel AG has been privately geared toward philanthropic donations.  It was part of our DNA, however it has always taken a quieter role.  This year marks a start of a new chapter for the firm.  January 1, 2016 was the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an integral part of the firm for many years to come.  

Hotel AG Charities was formed with children in mind.  Children of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and nations are represented.  Our charity arm will encircle children in need from our local school system to children in Kathmandu, Nepal to the slums of India.  Four total charities will be the recipients of monthly donations via a percentage of each hotel transaction that the firm closes.  This division ensures that each 501(c)(3) receives monthly donations from Hotel AG.  

The four charities Hotel AG has chosen to partner with include Henry County School System: Backpack Buddies; Georgia Baptist Children’s Home; Love Does; and As Our Own. The firm has hired Lanie Beth Sinclair to lead Hotel AG Charities and be the face of the firm to these children in need. Lanie Beth is a graduate of Samford University, wife, mother of two, author and public speaker.

The first charity is where the firm partners with Henry County Middle and High Schools and works closely with school counselors and social workers to donate money and resources to their school to stock a food pantry. There are a surprisingly large number of homeless youth in Henry County.  Most of these children receive free breakfast and lunch at school during the week, however on the weekends and holidays there is no guarantee where their next meal will come from.  Backpack Buddies seeks to minimize the anxiety of meal-less weekends by packing backpacks Friday morning so that the students pick up an inconspicuous backpack on the way to the bus stop. The bag is filled with microwavable pantry items to keep the child full and nourished.  They return the bag the next week in order to receive the bag again on Friday afternoon.  This is a program that receives no funding from the school system, so our donations along with others is vital to ensuring the lifeblood of this initiative. We look at this backpack program as a level one charity because it happens every Friday afternoon literally down the street from our office. If we or others don’t give, these children don’t get food for the weekend.  

The second charity is the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home located in Palmetto, Georgia. This ministry is a Christian caring ministry of services designed to promote the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of children, youth and families.  The campuses, residential group homes, and family foster care programs offer a new beginning for children who have experienced abuse, abandonment or neglect. Through highly specialty ministries they offer hope to young teen mothers, girls who have been victimized through human trafficking, children with higher behavioral needs, children with developmental disabilities in need of respite care, and individuals coping with physical and developmental disabilities through an innovative therapeutic riding program. Their community counseling centers, located on the campuses throughout the state, serve as a place for families to seek help, guidance, and understanding.

The third charity is Love Does. This organization fights for freedom and human rights, works to improve educational opportunities and tries to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend.  Love Does was founded in 2003 by Bob Goff, after a trip to India, where he witnessed extreme human rights violations. Restore India started with efforts to free those in bonded labor, sex trafficking, or otherwise exploited. In 2006, they began working in Uganda in human rights and education and continue to work in both India and Uganda with a variety of programs.  Love Does currently does work in the following countries:  Uganda, Somalia, Nepal, India and Iraq.  

The fourth charity is As Our Own. This charity is a Christ-based, community-driven movement in India that rescues vulnerable children from certain enslavement and exploitation, caring for them as our own.  There are 44 million vulnerable children living in India. Some live on the streets. Others are enslaved in brothels. Most are poor, hungry, and exploited.  The organization rescues children from certain enslavement and exploitation, provides lifelong aftercare for the rescued in a family environment.  They also work to prevent high-risk situations for children and grow new patterns of hope.  

The simple and straightforward goal of Hotel AG Charities is to leverage our influence and financial sanctions to help those in need around us.  There is always more to do and more that can be done by those who have the ability.  Our hope is that Hotel AG inspires others in our industry to do the same: Doing the most good with what we have at our disposal.

published: 03-29-2016

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